Welcome to The Cheesy Side of Gouda

Did you know that Gouda is more than just a type of cheese? It’s also a city! Shocking, right (no)?
Gouda cheese comes from Gouda, but this sparkling urban city has so much more to offer!

About the blog
The Cheesy Side of Gouda is a blog, not a guide. A guide will tell you the best bars and restaurants, I will give you my opinion and I will show you my favorite spots, best places to eat and what things you should definitely see, when visiting Gouda.

Who’s the person behind the blog?
Born and raised in Purmerend (near Amsterdam), I moved to Gouda a year ago, in the name of love. Even now, a year later, I am still discovering all the beauty this city has to offer. As a travel journalist, I love to write about places, so why not start a blog about the strange city I live in? Writing about places is what I do best and Gouda is just as beautiful as any other well known city in the world. It may not be New York, it’s not as fancy as Paris, but this charming little place I call home, is well worth the visit!

Who made the pictures?
Most of the pictures are made by Nick van Rookhuijzen Photography, unless not mentioned. Nick is born and raised in Gouda and a professional photographer. Lucky me, he is also my boyfriend! More of his pictures you will find on www.nickvanrookhuijzen.com and here.

Have fun reading en discovering Gouda

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